Pearlington Clay is the largest supplies of clay for the New Orleans area.

Pearlington Clay has provided millions of tons of earthen clay material to USACE levee projects since Hurricane Katrina.

In 2009, this source was used to supply the largest earthen clay material supply contract ever issued by the USACE in a single contract -- 6,108,750 tons -- for rebuilding the New Orleans East levee systems at Lake Pontchartrain Vicinity [LPV] 109, 110 and 111. In 2019 this source provided 500,000 additional tons to LPV 109 for an additional levee lift.

This material is USACE approved for use on the "West Shore Lake Pontchartrain" levees.

Pearlington Clay, LLC is a Louisiana Limited Liability Company authorized to and doing business in the State of Mississippi where it owns and operates a United States Army Corps of Engineers [USACE] approved clay source in Hancock County, originally permitted in 2007.

For more information contact Johnny Dollar at:
(318) 366-8218 or johnny.dollar@pearlingtonclay.com